Both inner-city neighbourhoods and developments in industrial parks

Successful real estate developments need to be planned with clearly defined objectives. Micro- and macro-location features, combined with economic aspects, play a prominent role. Honest and constructive communication is also required – between developers, municipalities, urban planners, and the surrounding businesses and residents.

“In all of our developments, we are committed to transparent communication and constructive dialogue. These principles allow us to consistently bring projects to completion in a true spirit of partnership.”

— Philipp Pferschy, Executive Board Member

From revitalisation to new construction

Do you have a site you would like to redevelop? GIEAG has decades of real estate experience – in sustainable management, the revitalisation of brownfield land and the implementation of large-scale neighbourhood developments. Depending on the scope of the project and the location, we work closely with urban planners and surveyors to achieve the greatest sustainable impact and highest quality.

Living and working – hand in hand

We strive to add value for all stakeholders, especially our properties’ end users. With inner-city developments in particular, it is important to integrate a wide range of interests, especially as residential and commercial construction in densely developed urban areas has to work well in more confined spaces. Our goal: In cities and municipalities up and down the country, we want to create spaces for small and medium-sized enterprises and last-mile courier companies that co-exist alongside new residential developments. For residents, we design holistic, environmentally-friendly concepts with a variety of leisure amenities. For example, in Reutlingen: On the site of the former Heinzelmann textile factory, we are creating a car-free neighbourhood that combines residential and commercial areas. With its unique concept, the open neighbourhood promotes interaction between all users.

Sustainable through and through

Flexible spaces ensure the economic viability of local companies. That is why we want to create spaces that are not only attuned to current demands, but are also flexible enough to adapt to future trends. This benefits not only companies, it also serves communities and the people that live in them by safeguarding jobs and creating attractive housing and business opportunities. Via targeted measures, we make sure we involve individual stakeholder groups in all of our planning and design processes:

  • City and municipal authorities: We initiate direct dialogue with all relevant authorities and political decision-makers at an early stage in order to secure broad approval for our measures and to safeguard the interests of the general public at all times.
  • We provide regular updates to any residents who may be impacted by our construction measures and urban development changes. We inform them of specific developments and involve them in our communication and coordination measures with the local authorities.
  • We are in constant communication with special interest groups, engaging with them on environmental and social compatibility issues. This allows us to ensure that all of our developments incorporate environmental and climate change mitigation measures.
  • For potential users, we provide flexible solutions with attractive price/performance ratios. Our developments are designed to have a long service life and with a keen eye on resource-saving operation, guaranteeing a sustainable future for residents and companies alike.

In order to ensure and continuously improve the sustainability of our entrepreneurial activities, we regularly evaluate our measures and business operations. Particularly in the area of building rights, we ensure a healthy ESG balance by increasingly initiating conversion and repurposing projects. These limit the sealing of further land and make an active contribution to a positive climate balance in real estate development.


Production, warehouse, light-industrial or office: In Kümmersbruck you are sure to find the right commercial space for your business with GIEAG – including optimal connections to Nuremberg, Regensburg and Prague.


Heinzelmann quarter Reutlingen

A development that sets new standards: Reutlingen’s new, car-free neighbourhood.

Heinzelmann quarter Reutlingen

Finsinger Feld Ottobrunn

At the centre of aviation: GIEAG is developing an 85,000-sqm commercial area at Finsinger Feld.

Finsinger Feld Ottobrunn


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