The perfect rental space for your requirements

Whether professional or private: If a rental space does not meet your exact requirements, sooner or later you will have a problem. In such cases, companies face potential losses. Private individuals should also consider carefully when choosing a residential building, because when plans change, the space should adapt to them.

“Rental spaces need to be able to adapt to the needs of their tenants. That’s why we start by clarifying our potential tenants’ requirements on day one. This is not only important for users. A high rate tenant turnover is expensive for landlords too.”

— Philipp Pferschy, Executive Board Member

Experience as a real estate developer and portfolio manager

GIEAG is a developer and portfolio owner. The Munich-based public company is growing in line with the market – and with tenants’ requirements – as demonstrated by our latest real estate developments.

State-of-the-art design and development

The demands placed on real estate are evolving more dynamically than ever before. Residential and commercial districts are growing together again in response to the megatrends of re-urbanisation and e-commerce, which have been the trigger for a variety of processes and shifts in society. As more and more people move into cities, commercial service providers have followed them – not least to serve the “last mile” to the customer. The trends towards urban manufacturing and the production of products and components “on demand”, i.e., ever closer to the end customer and ever more closely aligned to their specific requirements, are also fuelling demand for office, logistics and production space in large cities and metropolitan areas.

Modern offices are more than just workplaces

New Work and remote working have been reshaping the office landscape for some time now – and planners need to rethink spaces and their possible uses. The classic desk has had its day: The office is evolving from a “workbench” into a communication hub. Some companies are even reducing their office footprints because they are rarely occupied to full capacity, while others are optimising the layout and utilisation of the spaces they occupy.

We are ready to support you in implementing your individual strategy and redesigning your space. In doing so, we work with specialised partners who are experts in the design of state-of-the-art working environments.

Comfortable and future-proofed living space

Your own home is where you feel safe, most relaxed and secure. With our wide range of residential developments in attractive locations, we are helping to solve the housing shortage in metropolitan areas and contributing to a sustainable supply of new residential properties. All of our developments are closely attuned to the interests of residents and the wants and needs of potential users. This allows us to promote coexistence in vibrant residential areas that are home to different lifestyles and generations.

Modern quarters – the best of all worlds

Urban quarters where people work, live and enjoy their leisure time have become the ne plus ultra of modern urban planning. They are designed to foster thriving communities that open up to the outside world. As neighbourhood developers, we do not only incorporate the wants and needs of workers and residents in our new neighbourhoods, we also carefully integrate our new buildings into their local environments. One example: the Heinzelmann quarter in Reutlingen, where a car-free, mixed-use neighbourhood is being created for living, working and leisure – and to welcome local residents to its generous recreational areas.

Heinzelmann quarter Reutlingen

A development that sets new standards: Reutlingen’s new, car-free neighbourhood.

Heinzelmann quarter Reutlingen

The Nest Ottobrunn

At the centre of aviation: GIEAG is developing an 85,000-sqm commercial area at Finsinger Feld.

The Nest Ottobrunn

Mayoffice Stuttgart

GIEAG is developing high-quality office space in a newly built property close to Höhenpark Killesberg.

Mayoffice Stuttgart
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