GIEAG Immobilien AG feiert Richtfest für Stuttgarter Büroimmobilie GERLINGEN WORK mit 30.000 Quadratmetern

August 7th, 2019|News2019|

GIEAG hat voraussichtlich 2018 Konzerngewinn nach Steuern von rd. 27 Mio. Euro erzielt

April 26th, 2019|Adhoc2019|

GIEAG lets logistics property in Erfurt already prior to its completion entirely to a large online mail order company

March 27th, 2019|News2019|

GIEAG Immobilien AG enjoys further major letting success in the “KWARTIER” district development in Karlsruhe

February 19th, 2019|News2019|

GIEAG Immobilien AG records new rental success with the new construction project MAYOFFICE in Stuttgart

February 18th, 2019|News2019|

GIEAG Immobilien AG achieves rental success with new construction project MAYOFFICE in Stuttgart

October 17th, 2018|News2018|

GIEAG makes further progress with its commercial real estate project Gerlingen Work in Stuttgart

July 6th, 2018|News2018|

GIEAG sells logistics property in Erfurt to an institutional investor for 53.9 Mio. Euro

July 2nd, 2018|Adhoc2018|

GIEAG’s General Meeting resolves a dividend of EUR 0.36 per share for 2017

June 19th, 2018|News2018|

GIEAG sells fully-let office complex in Stuttgart after extensive revitalisation

June 14th, 2018|News2018|

GIEAG enjoys successful operations in 2017, positive outlook

June 13th, 2018|News2018|

GIEAG reports 100% sale of BV DER KIRSCHGARTEN in Geretsried

June 12th, 2018|News2018|

GIEAG launches MAYLIVING/MAYOFFICE building project in Stuttgart

May 8th, 2018|News2018|

GIEAG records further asset management success: State of Baden-Württemberg rents entire property in Stuttgart

April 19th, 2018|News2018|

GIEAG starts next phase of real estate project in Karlsruhe

April 11th, 2018|News2018|
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